Difference between White Gold Tanzanite Rings and Sterling Silver Tanzanite Rings

tanzanite Jewelry

The ideal setting for a tanzanite is white metal; the grey luster accents that intense blue of the gem without compromising on its saturation or sparkle. In much the same way, diamond tanzanite rings have made a statement in the jewelry departments – highlighting that same grey and blue relationship with a touch of extra sparkle.

White meal setWhite metal set tanzanite rings are mainly of three categories on the basis of metal type – white gold tanzanite rings, sterling silver tanzanite rings, and platinum tanzanite rings. Though in appearance these are almost identical to the naked eye, there are great differences in quality of the metal itself. This difference in quality of metal also influences its usability. Platinum stands on a league of its own and besides its exorbitant pricing there is very little that works against it.

White gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. While it looks like silver, it has various features that makeit distinct. In terms of color white gold is a much softer white as compared to sterling silver and may even have a tinge of yellow in it depending on the ratio of the metals. The fact that it is an alloy results in a cool to warm spectrum of white shades as opposed to the uniform grey silver.

While white gold rings are also gentle on the skin as its main constituent is still gold, your skin may react to the other metals in it so check for allergies beforehand. Unlike silver it does not oxidize which makes sure it doesn’t lose its shine. Of course, a regular use white gold tanzanite ring does need to be cleaned occasionally.

Tanzanite RingHarder than pure gold, white gold doesn’t tarnish easily but it is soft enough to work with and is often used in unique ring patterns and fine filigree work making it an ideal choice for vintage and art deco tanzanite ring patterns.

The alloy usually has about 50% gold but its value depends on the ratios of each of its constituents. While its value will increase with the amount of gold in it, the greater the gold the less desirable its color gets.

A basic metal found in the earth, silver is almost never found in its natural form and even when used in jewelry it is used as an alloy. 925 Sterling silver tanzanite rings refers to rings that are set in metal with 92.5% silver and the rest small amounts of copper etc.

In terms of color it is white with grey and blue undertones; its blue tinges make it a cool shade that suits gemstones which are also from the cooler side of the spectrum – greens, blues and purples especially. Even in terms of skin color it works better on people with pink and blue skin undertones.

While pure silver does not cause allergies, sterling silver may irritate certain sensitive skin types and also leave a green mark on the skin where the ring is worn.

On the upside it is harder than gold, but its hardness does make it harder to sculpt. On the downside silver is difficult to care for and requires a lot of maintenance making it not too ideal for daily wear. In terms of value, sterling silver is less expensive than most other metals.


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