Tanzanite Grading System and Color Scale

Loose Wholesale Gemstones

Rocking your world since 1997 – Top Tanzanite is one of the world’s largest retailer of loose tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry! The buyer of tanzanite travels the globe to find you the best deals. Whether you are an avid connoisseur or beginning to discover the radiant world of loose tanzanite grading system and color scale, we have eye-catching treasures that are a must-have for your collection.

Loose Wholesale Gemstones

Their magnificent selection of refined loose gemstones offers a tremendous variety of stunning precious stones for you to choose from Tanzanite. Incredible Tanzanite precious gem collection features several spectacular options including A, AAA, D and SD Grade. Precious loose gemstones are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and cuts, making it easy for you to select your ideal precious gem.

Tanzanite Grading:

If you are buying Tanzanite, i recommendent that it has been graded by an Independent Gemological Laboratory (not a laboratory controlled by the vendor) and comes with a certificate of authenticity which will provide information about the gemstone. As The Tanzanite Authority’s North American member, all our Tanzanite Gemstones are conflict free and have been sourced in an ethical and legal manner.

See Tanzanite Grading Chart 

Tanzanite Grading

Tanzanite Grading System considers the 4 C’s (Color, Carat Weight, Cut, and Clarity) like those used by The Gemological Institute of America. The higher combination of these ratings, the more valuable the tanzanite. Top Tanzanite is perfect to make high-quality jewelry and loose gemstones. Check below some recommended Tanzanite loose stones from Top Tanzanite!!

A Grade Round Tanzanite:

A Grade Round Tanzanite

AAA Grade Round Tanzanite:

AAA Grade Round Tanzanite

D Grade Round Tanzanite:

D Grade Round Tanzanite

SD Grade Round Tanzanite:

SD Grade Round Tanzanite

Investment Grade Tanzanite:

We are one of the largest dealers at the source, seeing thousands of Carats of Tanzanite production a month. Only the very finest 1% of these are the selected for the online collection. If you are looking to invest in Tanzanite, the article above explores the possibilities. We also offer a gemologist selected collection of the very finest Investment Grade Tanzanite.