Tanzanite Color Grading System

Tanzanite Color Grading System
Tanzanite Color Grading System

The proverb “color is king” applies to Tanzanite, just as it does to all colored gemstones.Tanzanite is the absolute most imperative quality variable.
Tanzanite has a very unique position among all gemstones as it has and displays multidimensional color, making it an exceptionally brilliant possession. Know more about the various shades, hues and grades of the stone.
Tanzanite Price depends on its color grading or quality.

While the larger stones tend to display the more vibrant colors, the smaller stones showcase pastel shades. Matching pairs are always greatly sought after, as it’s unusual to find two stones identical in color. This exclusive gemstone is cut in every imaginable shape from the classical round shape to a number of imaginative designer cuts.

Normally, tanzanite color grading is spread into a range of hues, between blue violet and violet blue. Purple is a modified spectral hue that lies halfway between red and blue. When heated, tanzanite emits only two colors- blue and violet, and the hue specifications range between blue-violet to violet-blue.

Tanzanite Color Grading System

While the deeper colors have greater value, tanzanite with moderate to light colors is still desirable. When you add a fine cut to a moderate color it can be a gem of great beauty. This remarkable feature of color is one of the many properties that make this rare and special gem stone so desired the world over.

In this chart below, you can understand how tone and saturation work in the context of tanzanite and how the GIA grades apply to them. On the vertical axis, you will the gradation in terms of the tone. As the tone increases, tanzanite’s value also increases, as you see it going upwards in the chart. The chart also indicates the various levels of Tanzanite Color Grading System.

Tanzanite Color Grading System

Tanzanite Color Grading System

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