Sterling silver tanzanite ring

Sterling silver tanzanite ring

Diamonds are famous for being a ladies best friend, but the elegant sparkling cobalt of a tanzanite makes no less of a statement. This stone which is a thousand times scarcer than diamonds and the birthstone of December looks gorgeous on rings, especially set as a large carat solo rock or one surrounded by diamonds.
Sterling silver Tanzanite Ring
Blue tanzanite rings of all types exist – single solitaires, multi-stone rings like diamond tanzanite rings, halos, paved eternity bands etc. Then there is the classification according to the metal it is set in – platinum, gold, sterling silver tanzanite rings being some of them.

While all metals are used for ring settings, each with its own pros and cons, sterling silver tanzanite rings have gained popularity. The reasonably priced substitute for platinum, palladium or white gold, sterling silver is an alloy of silver which is stable and hardy.

Compositionally sterling silver is a blend of 92.4% silver (other varieties do exist) with either copper or germanium. The less the silver in the alloy, the higher the metals malleability is. If you are buying sterling silver rings in the United States then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue as original good quality sterling silver will bear the mark ‘sterling’ or ‘925’. The latter indicates that the metal has 92.5% silver, an ideal amount for jewelry making.

Argentium sterling silver is the best quality – an alloy of silver, germanium and copper to make a tarnish resistant white metal. This resultant metal is both economical as well as sturdy and having a large percentage of silver makes it reasonably malleable. This malleability helps in setting in metals and shaping it in interesting and contemporary ring designs.
Sterling silver Tanzanite Ring
The first metal ever to be used by humans, a sterling silver tanzanite ring fundamentally has all the appeal of a platinum on at less than half the price in terms of metal. Not to mention unlike platinum’s matt finish surface, sterling silver can be polished to a smooth shine.

The tarnishing is a small price to pay for such an item, and can be cared for easily by using silver polish cream and cloth to buff the metal surface. You must care for it gently though, like any silver alloy it scratches. If the metal surface doesn’t seem to be taking the polishing well then you could also dip the ring in tarnish removal solutions which work just as well. Though sterling silver isn’t recommended for daily use rings, if taken care of they work just as well as the others.

The downside is that it is hard on sensitive skin types, so be cautious before you buy them and check for allergic reactions beforehand.

The second issue is a matter of genuineness. As the metal is an alloy, you must buy it from trusted jewelers and assure that the ring band has a hallmark of quality. Even a slight up or down in the percentage of each metal could severely reduce the metals resistance to tarnish orit’s strength and if you set a precious gem in it then it may not hold too well.

Ultimately sterling silver tanzanite rings are a great substitute to platinum, plus unlike platinum it is economical and the silvers malleability allows for easy resizing.


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