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Buying a cheap Tanzanite Ring is a task as it is, so if you’re working on this purchase in a limited budget then you have a lot more factors to look into. Along with the grade, rarity and size of a tanzanite ring which effect its price, metal and setting also play their part.

Here are a few points that have an impact on price of tanzanites and things you must know when you buy cheap tanzanite rings.

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1. Stone Grade.The first step towards buying a cheap tanzanite ring is cutting costs on the tanzanite itself. This means you steer clear away from high grade stones – AAA or gems with perfect color, clarity and cut. Being a stone of such brilliant color, imperfections are easily hidden if the stone is set in a bezel or halo setting, or paved into a tinted metal.A tanzanite gold ring already exhibits such a strong contrast and sparkle thanks to the yellow gold that the minor inclusions in the tanzanite like feathers and needles aren’t seen by the naked eye. Scout the market for stones with such inclusions; even a minor crack or crystal impurity drops the price of the tanzanite drastically.

2. Carat. Buying a stone of low grade doesn’t necessarily mean you choose a tanzanite that loses its properties all together, so you cannot go lower than a certain level if you want that intense and saturated blue. The next best way is to cut down the carat weight of the gem. For example an antique tanzanite ring often gives equal weightage to the quality of the metal and the stone, drawing attention to both. In this case the blue complements the metal, however small the actual stone may be.

3. Cut. Two kinds of cut tanzanites exist, calibrated and single stones. If you plan to cut costs by custom making your ring, be sure to pick a calibrated stone as there are precut to standard sizes and are much cheaper.

4. The Metal. In terms of the metal you set the tanzanite, in order to buy a cheap tanzanite ring you have to steer clear away from platinum and palladium. Even yellow and rose gold are relatively high priced, so you can look at sterling silver and white gold. Yes, they have their disadvantages as they tarnish easy and are rough on sensitive skin, but if the ring isn’t for daily use then in appearance no one will be able to tell the difference!

5. Lastly keep in mind throughout the process that you mustn’t sacrifice too much. A tanzanites beauty lies in its color, so pick a stone with a good saturation. Don’t go for synthetic tanzanites or gems that are cobalt coated. Heat treated tanzanites are a reasonable option – most tanzanites in the market are treated as a natural blue tanzanite is extremely rare. This doesn’t affect the quality or strength of the stone but purely enhances color.

Don’t get fooled in the process of cost cutting, and make sure you know what you’re getting in return for the money you pay. Synthetic tanzanites have flooded the market so you shopping online for deals that seem vague is not worth risking. Stick to buying a cheap ring by reducing expenditure in every step instead of losing one aspect all together.


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