Most Expensive Wedding Dresses with Wedding Jewelry

kate middleton

Weddings may be a special day in every bride and groom’s life, but some people really know how make an unforgettable statement for the rest of the world as well. Here are some of the most expensive wedding dresses and rings in all of history.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress

Right on top of course we have Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Prince William and Kate Middleton may have had the most expensive wedding, but Diana’s dress was off the charts all on its own. Designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, Princess Diana wore it in 1981 when she married Prince Charles. Worked in with ivory lace, ivory silk taffeta, ten thousand pearls and threads of gold, this wedding dress has a train of a whole twenty-four feet.

Designers have since tried to out-do this wedding miracle, and though it hasn’t been worn yet, the bridal collection of Martin Katz and Renee Strauss has to its name the most expensive wedding dress ever known. At a whopping 12 million dollars, this dress is aptly christened the Diamond Wedding Gown. No one has bought it yet, but it has a hundred and fifty carats of diamonds laced through its length.

The Diamond Wedding Gown is seconded by the White Gold Wedding Gown, designed by YumiKatsura. This Japanese designer has used a little bit of everything precious. The dress is worked in with white gold and silk threads, studded with thousands of pearls, a green diamond and another white diamond – all adding up to $8.8 million..

Designer Wedding Dress

We may be down to $1.5 million, but the Peacock Feather wedding dress designed by Vera Wang is a statement gown like no other. Thousands of peacock fathers are stitched together with eighteen carat gold and diamonds to result in this new age masterpiece.

Peacock Feather wedding dress designed by Vera Wang

Another outstand wedding dress is the one Helen Rose designed for Grace Kelly. Silk needle lace and pearls was embroidered down the length of this high necked wedding dress.

Helen RoseEngagement and wedding rings are what a bride keeps on forever, and worthy money has been spent for generations on these jewels as well.

Queen Bey rules this list with the most expensive rock on her finger – a 24 carat emerald cut diamond priced at the moment at almost $10 million.

Kim Kardashian’s diamond set

Right after her we have Kim Kardashian’s diamond set on a delicate metal pave band at $8 million, and then there is of course Angelina Jolie’s pave of emerald cut clear diamonds.

An heirloom from Princess Diana, Kate Middleton’s royal ring is of great value. This is what brought in ‘something blue’ into the latest engagement ring trends, giving diamond tanzanite rings, tanzanite wedding rings and other wedding tanzanite jewelry a boost.

Kate Middleton’s ring has a central sapphire with a halo of diamonds; an ensemble of the imperial blue with a perfect grey accent.

It wasn’t just her ring, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is also one of the most expensive that we’ve seen. Detailed in with lace and silk, the dress is said to have been inspired by the one worn by Grace Kelly.

Kate Middleton’s ring

What’s more, Kata Middleton and Prince William as bag the prize for the most expensive wedding!


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