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Tanzanite Grading System and Color Scale

Loose Wholesale Gemstones

Rocking your world since 1997 – Top Tanzanite is one of the world’s largest retailer of loose tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry! The buyer of tanzanite travels the globe to find you the best deals. Whether you are an avid connoisseur or beginning to discover the radiant world of loose tanzanite grading system and color scale, we have eye-catching treasures that are a must-have for your collection.

Loose Wholesale Gemstones

Their magnificent selection of refined loose gemstones offers a tremendous variety of stunning precious stones for you to choose from Tanzanite. Incredible Tanzanite precious gem collection features several spectacular options including A, AAA, D and SD Grade. Precious loose gemstones are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and cuts, making it easy for you to select your ideal precious gem.

Tanzanite Grading:

If you are buying Tanzanite, i recommendent that it has been graded by an Independent Gemological Laboratory (not a laboratory controlled by the vendor) and comes with a certificate of authenticity which will provide information about the gemstone. As The Tanzanite Authority’s North American member, all our Tanzanite Gemstones are conflict free and have been sourced in an ethical and legal manner.

See Tanzanite Grading Chart 

Tanzanite Grading

Tanzanite Grading System considers the 4 C’s (Color, Carat Weight, Cut, and Clarity) like those used by The Gemological Institute of America. The higher combination of these ratings, the more valuable the tanzanite. Top Tanzanite is perfect to make high-quality jewelry and loose gemstones. Check below some recommended Tanzanite loose stones from Top Tanzanite!!

A Grade Round Tanzanite:

A Grade Round Tanzanite

AAA Grade Round Tanzanite:

AAA Grade Round Tanzanite

D Grade Round Tanzanite:

D Grade Round Tanzanite

SD Grade Round Tanzanite:

SD Grade Round Tanzanite

Investment Grade Tanzanite:

We are one of the largest dealers at the source, seeing thousands of Carats of Tanzanite production a month. Only the very finest 1% of these are the selected for the online collection. If you are looking to invest in Tanzanite, the article above explores the possibilities. We also offer a gemologist selected collection of the very finest Investment Grade Tanzanite.

Oscars 2016: The best jewelry on the red carpet

Tina Fey

Did you see Globes Jewelry trending on Twitter the night of the Golden Globes? Or perhaps you participated in the recent conversations around jewelry worn at the Grammys? This comes as no surprise as there is always interest surrounding the superb and stylish awards jewelry selections that are displayed on the best jewelry on the red carpet.

So without further ado, here are the top five nominees for awards show jewelry trends that turned our heads on the red carpet for 2015. We think they may provide a sneak preview of what is in store for this year’s Oscars. Tune in to see if our powers of prognostication come true.

Statement Necklaces

For the 88th Annual Academy Awards, presenter Tina Fey wore an Atelier Versace gown with a Bulgari sapphire and diamond necklace that belongs on the neck of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Oscars 2016: The best jewelry on the red carpet-Tina Fey

From the other side of the spectrum, Naomi Watts appeared at the Golden Globes in an iconic Bulgari Serpenti necklace featuring 75 carats of diamonds, which is touted as one of her favorite jewelry pieces. In fact, it’s her 5th time wearing the seductive diamond studded necklace, this time with a bright yellow gown.

Oscars 2016: The best jewelry on the red carpet-Naomi Watts

She’s been twice nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

And Naomi Watts certainly left an impression at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday night, as she displayed a striking, natural look on the red carpet.

Tanzanite Color Grading System

Tanzanite Color Grading System
Tanzanite Color Grading System

The proverb “color is king” applies to Tanzanite, just as it does to all colored gemstones.Tanzanite is the absolute most imperative quality variable.
Tanzanite has a very unique position among all gemstones as it has and displays multidimensional color, making it an exceptionally brilliant possession. Know more about the various shades, hues and grades of the stone.
Tanzanite Price depends on its color grading or quality.

While the larger stones tend to display the more vibrant colors, the smaller stones showcase pastel shades. Matching pairs are always greatly sought after, as it’s unusual to find two stones identical in color. This exclusive gemstone is cut in every imaginable shape from the classical round shape to a number of imaginative designer cuts.

Normally, tanzanite color grading is spread into a range of hues, between blue violet and violet blue. Purple is a modified spectral hue that lies halfway between red and blue. When heated, tanzanite emits only two colors- blue and violet, and the hue specifications range between blue-violet to violet-blue.

Tanzanite Color Grading System


While the deeper colors have greater value, tanzanite with moderate to light colors is still desirable. When you add a fine cut to a moderate color it can be a gem of great beauty. This remarkable feature of color is one of the many properties that make this rare and special gem stone so desired the world over.

In this chart below, you can understand how tone and saturation work in the context of tanzanite and how the GIA grades apply to them. On the vertical axis, you will the gradation in terms of the tone. As the tone increases, tanzanite’s value also increases, as you see it going upwards in the chart. The chart also indicates the various levels of Tanzanite Color Grading System.

Tanzanite Color Grading System

Tanzanite Color Grading System

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Difference between White Gold Tanzanite Rings and Sterling Silver Tanzanite Rings

tanzanite Jewelry

The ideal setting for a tanzanite is white metal; the grey luster accents that intense blue of the gem without compromising on its saturation or sparkle. In much the same way, diamond tanzanite rings have made a statement in the jewelry departments – highlighting that same grey and blue relationship with a touch of extra sparkle.

White meal setWhite metal set tanzanite rings are mainly of three categories on the basis of metal type – white gold tanzanite rings, sterling silver tanzanite rings, and platinum tanzanite rings. Though in appearance these are almost identical to the naked eye, there are great differences in quality of the metal itself. This difference in quality of metal also influences its usability. Platinum stands on a league of its own and besides its exorbitant pricing there is very little that works against it.

Carat Round Tanzanite Ring in 14k White GoldWhite gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. While it looks like silver, it has various features that makeit distinct. In terms of color white gold is a much softer white as compared to sterling silver and may even have a tinge of yellow in it depending on the ratio of the metals. The fact that it is an alloy results in a cool to warm spectrum of white shades as opposed to the uniform grey silver.

While white gold rings are also gentle on the skin as its main constituent is still gold, your skin may react to the other metals in it so check for allergies beforehand. Unlike silver it does not oxidize which makes sure it doesn’t lose its shine. Of course, a regular use white gold tanzanite ring does need to be cleaned occasionally.

Tanzanite RingHarder than pure gold, white gold doesn’t tarnish easily but it is soft enough to work with and is often used in unique ring patterns and fine filigree work making it an ideal choice for vintage and art deco tanzanite ring patterns.

The alloy usually has about 50% gold but its value depends on the ratios of each of its constituents. While its value will increase with the amount of gold in it, the greater the gold the less desirable its color gets.

A basic metal found in the earth, silver is almost never found in its natural form and even when used in jewelry it is used as an alloy. 925 Sterling silver tanzanite rings refers to rings that are set in metal with 92.5% silver and the rest small amounts of copper etc.

In terms of color it is white with grey and blue undertones; its blue tinges make it a cool shade that suits gemstones which are also from the cooler side of the spectrum – greens, blues and purples especially. Even in terms of skin color it works better on people with pink and blue skin undertones.

While pure silver does not cause allergies, sterling silver may irritate certain sensitive skin types and also leave a green mark on the skin where the ring is worn.

On the upside it is harder than gold, but its hardness does make it harder to sculpt. On the downside silver is difficult to care for and requires a lot of maintenance making it not too ideal for daily wear. In terms of value, sterling silver is less expensive than most other metals.



Matrix 8 Intro Video

Matrix 8 Intro Video

Matrix 8 Intro Video from Gemvision on Vimeo.

A round table discussion describing some of the new features that will be showcased in the upcoming Matrix 8 release. Jeff High, Travis Serio, Matt Bennett and Kent West talk about the direction Matrix 8 is taking in the marketplace and what new functions Matrix 8 will have to keep it current and powerful for jewelry design.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses with Wedding Jewelry

kate middleton

Weddings may be a special day in every bride and groom’s life, but some people really know how make an unforgettable statement for the rest of the world as well. Here are some of the most expensive wedding dresses and rings in all of history.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress

Right on top of course we have Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Prince William and Kate Middleton may have had the most expensive wedding, but Diana’s dress was off the charts all on its own. Designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, Princess Diana wore it in 1981 when she married Prince Charles. Worked in with ivory lace, ivory silk taffeta, ten thousand pearls and threads of gold, this wedding dress has a train of a whole twenty-four feet.

Designers have since tried to out-do this wedding miracle, and though it hasn’t been worn yet, the bridal collection of Martin Katz and Renee Strauss has to its name the most expensive wedding dress ever known. At a whopping 12 million dollars, this dress is aptly christened the Diamond Wedding Gown. No one has bought it yet, but it has a hundred and fifty carats of diamonds laced through its length.

Diamond wedding gown

The Diamond Wedding Gown is seconded by the White Gold Wedding Gown, designed by YumiKatsura. This Japanese designer has used a little bit of everything precious. The dress is worked in with white gold and silk threads, studded with thousands of pearls, a green diamond and another white diamond – all adding up to $8.8 million..

Designer Wedding Dress

We may be down to $1.5 million, but the Peacock Feather wedding dress designed by Vera Wang is a statement gown like no other. Thousands of peacock fathers are stitched together with eighteen carat gold and diamonds to result in this new age masterpiece.

Peacock Feather wedding dress designed by Vera Wang

Another outstand wedding dress is the one Helen Rose designed for Grace Kelly. Silk needle lace and pearls was embroidered down the length of this high necked wedding dress.

Helen RoseEngagement and wedding rings are what a bride keeps on forever, and worthy money has been spent for generations on these jewels as well.

Queen Bey rules this list with the most expensive rock on her finger – a 24 carat emerald cut diamond priced at the moment at almost $10 million.

Kim Kardashian’s diamond set

Right after her we have Kim Kardashian’s diamond set on a delicate metal pave band at $8 million, and then there is of course Angelina Jolie’s pave of emerald cut clear diamonds.

Angelina Jolie’s emerald cut clear diamonds

An heirloom from Princess Diana, Kate Middleton’s royal ring is of great value. This is what brought in ‘something blue’ into the latest engagement ring trends, giving diamond tanzanite rings, tanzanite wedding rings and other wedding tanzanite jewelry a boost.

Kate Middleton’s ring has a central sapphire with a halo of diamonds; an ensemble of the imperial blue with a perfect grey accent.

It wasn’t just her ring, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is also one of the most expensive that we’ve seen. Detailed in with lace and silk, the dress is said to have been inspired by the one worn by Grace Kelly.

Kate Middleton’s ring

What’s more, Kata Middleton and Prince William as bag the prize for the most expensive wedding!

Why Is Jeremejevite So Costly

Jeremejevite Price

Jeremejevite Price

If you have been marveling all these years on the rarity and incredible beauty of the diamond, you are in for a real surprise when we tell you that it isn’t nearly the rarest gem on the planet.

Of the numerous gems rarer than diamonds, the light blue jeremejevite is priced at approximately $1500 per carat. Surprised by the exorbitant price? Let’s look at what makes this gemstone such an expensive buy.

The first and most obvious factor is of course jeremejevite’s unbelievable scarcity. Only a few thousand crystals of this gem are found in the world, and even out of these not all are suitable for cutting, faceting, shaping and jewel making.


Jeremejevite was discovered in 1883 by a French mineralogist, who named it in honor of the Russian mineralogist Jeremejev.For a while it was mistaken to be an aquamarine due to its light blue hue, but soon this was clarified. Though a few samples of yellow and clear Jeremejevite have been found in the recent past, the blue jeremejevite is still the most valued – both in terms of appearance and price.

Jeremejevite belongs to class of very rarely found minerals – the borates. If it weren’t for its rarity, jeremejevite would actually be an ideal gem for jewel making – not only because of its subtle but elegant color but also of its idyllic hardness. Unfortunately such few of these gems are available in the jewel market that most jewelers don’t even try and source them, and surely most buyers haven’t even heard of these beauties.

Raw Jeremejevite

As discussed before, jeremejevite is primarily found in a gentle watery blue which can be mistaken for low saturation sapphires or tanzanites. Other varieties such as the colorless, yellow and light purple are rare too and are often confused with white sapphires, yellow spinels and amethysts respectively. Some of these are so difficult to tell apart that refractive index measurements are used.

Jeremejevite was first discovered in Russia. Unfortunately gems found in this region are only in crystal form and cannot be faceted or cut in order to use in jewelry. Another locality where they are found widely is Germany, again these too are un-facetable and in crystal form.

jeremejevite gemstones

The high prices of jeremejevite are greatly because of the fact that usable gems are only found in small deposits in Erongo, Namibia. Many of the world’s most impressively sized and colored jeremejevite gemstones are from this region.

The last factor effecting the cost of a jeremejevite is again closely linked to how scarce it is. Though its hardness and lack of brittleness makes it ideal to set in jewelry, in case of damage or loss of a stone it is near impossible to replace.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s a gem fit for royalty and if you happen to come across one then it is a great choice of investment, but very little is known about its reaction to acids, heat and other damaging substances so make sure you keep it very safe!

Jessica Alba – Makeup Secrets

jessica alba

Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award – more commonly known as ESPY – is a night to remember for sports fans around the globe. Presented by ESPN, this glamorous night celebrates the achievements of sportsmen across America and to join in this celebration there are always celebrities from Hollywood – decked up and ready to dazzle.

While in 2014 the best male and female athlete awards were bagged by Kevin Durant and Rhonda Rousy respectively, the Seattle Seahawks took with pride the award for best team. Russel Westbrook was crowned the comeback athlete of the year, while Richard Sherman won the place of breakthrough athlete. While there are numerous other awards, the last major award for a championship performance went to Kawhi Leonard for golf.

jessica alba

Back to the divas of Hollywood? Jessica Alba was nothing but gorgeous this Espy awards. Complementing her dull gold off shoulder dress, Jessica Alba went all out on her earthy makeup regime, complete with the brushed up brows and darkened eyes.

Lauren Anderson

Her makeup artist who also happens to be her dear friend – Lauren Anderson – was responsible for this natural and organic but yet stunning makeup. Curious as to how she got that perfect bronze skin tone with accented flashes of gold and light? Here is an exclusive charting out every step!

The globally acclaimed Avon makeup artist Lauren Anderson says that she took every ounce of inspiration for the makeup from the stunning dull gold dress itself. Her focus was to draw attention to the dress, but still allow the face to pop.

jessica alba

Anderson began with a foundation of Koh Gen Do in order to ensure that the base was smooth and flawless, working on it with Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate Palette as an elegant highlight to accent Jessica Alba’s cheekbones. The handling of this palette requires true skill, and Anderson’s expert hands manipulated the shade to add that much needed glow to the contours of her face.

The base was set, and with just a hint of VotreVu’s brow wax for that perfect windswept eyebrow finish, the eye makeup was next on the menu. Anderson aimed at bringing out those large brown eyes and making them the focus – using Eye Dimensions in Khaki Chic by Avon itself, she used the dark brown to accent the lid’s warm and gentle almond hue.

Kohl Eyeliner and eye shadow added that extra dimension and lifted out the deep browns – and just like that with a coat or two of mascara Alba’s eyes were ready to dazzle the crowd!

All that was left was a sheen of KevynAucoin’sVesuvian lip gloss on her naturally pink lips and Jessica Alba was all set to make her stately appearance.

The gold undertone worked in perfect tandem with the bronze skin, and easily made Jessica Alba one of best dressed and looking actresses on the red carpet that day.

Not only was the makeup meant to complement the dress, but the bronze jewels too. All eyes were on her sparkling studded dress and glowing golden makeup, while her minimalist and unassuming hairstyle just had her hair straight and swept behind her ears – allowing for no distractions.

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Selena Gomez ‘Disgusted’ By Justin Bieber’s ‘Immature’ Behaviour

Selena Gomez

The starlet has had enough of her ex’s flirty antics

Whilst everyone wants to know whether a past fling with Miranda Kerr is behind Justin Bieber’s recent bust up with Orlanda Bloom, it seems his ex, Selena Gomez is more concerned with who the star is currently dating.

Since jetting off to Ibiza last month, Justin has been spotted partying with a series of girls, most recently Kendall Jenner, who famously fell out with Selena earlier this year.

And it seems the ‘Come & Get It’ hitmaker is less than impressed with the popstar’s antics.

Selena wants nothing to do with Justin (AKM-GSI)
Selena wants nothing to do with Justin (AKM-GSI)

“Selena is beyond over Justin and his immature behavior,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“She knows very well that he is trying to make her jealous with all the pics he’s been posting of him with other girls, including Kendall.”

Justin poses with Kendall Jenner and the Kardashians (Justin Bieber/Instagram)

But his plan appears to have backfired, with the source revealing, “she’s disgusted with how he’s behaving.

“She’s not hurt, she’s actually grateful that she’s not with him anymore. In her opinion, he’s acting out and she would rather have nothing to do with him.”

But it looks like the 22-year-old isn’t letting Justin’s antics keep her down, as she stepped out for a night of boy-free drama on Saturday night.

Selena forgot about the drama to enjoy a night out (Splash News)
Selena forgot about the drama to enjoy a night out (Splash News)

The singer partied at a gay club in West Hollywood, where she flaunted her enviable figure in a low cut black vest that she teamed with ripped skinny jeans and a pink, fringed jacket.

Accessorizing with a black clutch, pink heels and some statement earrings, the starlet looked happy and unconcerned as she partied through the night with friends.

Justin who?

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